Life Got Easier For You!

How Did We Manage ?

We really care less about what people think about us or you. We know that fetishes are real and we are here to help you go through it. We have a really big project behind this idea, hope you donate in so we can develop it with your help making it easier for you to ease your pleasure using our services in the future.

Why This?

Well come to think of it we all have a naughty side inside of us. Sometimes we tell people about it and sometimes it just vanishes in thin air (like those billion dollar startup ideas at starbucks). We wanted to create a space where people can come down and admire the things they love in life, because life is short and you need to live it well!

Is There More?

Well yes, we have a lot coming on board soon. My Celebriti was a news aggregator when it started in 2013, we then turned into celebrity news (adult*) publisher until a law passed in India and we had to pay huge fines.  Now we dream of becoming the source to peoples happiness by giving them their deserved pleasures in a very safe and fun way.

Make Money Sitting At Home?

We have a really great opportunity for you to sit at home and make a lot of money. The best part is, if you don’t want to reveal your identity to the public and still make money, that’s completely fine! We know how hard it is to live in a judgemental society and we care about you, we have made everything as simple as possible for you to get started and make tons of money. We just have a few really important points that we urge you to follow to have us help you to get the best.


before signing up, it is as important as you think as less it is.